Kid Fight

A friendly family podcast about six siblings just having a good time!

We’re the Bell Siblings, and this is KID FIGHT! Every episode, we debate the most baffling topics of our time. Come join our family for some good times online!


The eldest! Mercy is a musician based in Nashville. Bold, brash, and only sometimes in the trash.


The bigger brother! A writer with a love for film, baseball, and deeply obscure trivia.


A nice lady and an expert gastronomer! She's so competent and well-adjusted, sometimes we think she might be adopted.


An illustrator, and kind of a blend of Miss Marple and She-Hulk; she may have wobbly knees but she's absolutely RIPPED in spirit!


The littlest lad and your host! Studies animation in Boston and draws pictures online. Usually manages to break something in the process.


The baby! Aw! She's so cute! Look how good she is at everything she does! We're so proud of her! Rosie's a college student, and she's just the best!


Friends of the Family

RJ Lake is a musician, artist, and very good lad based in Chicago! He wrote our theme song, among many others. Check them out if your ears like good tunes!


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